North Forest Lights

October 26, 2019 - February 16, 2020

North Forest Lights is a nighttime multimedia experience in the middle of the North Forest unlike anything Crystal Bridges has ever presented before. Five distinct installations will bring the soul of the forest to life with light, sound, and sensory effects in a captivating, unforgettable adventure.

Crystal Bridges partnered with Montreal-based multimedia and entertainment studio Moment Factory to bring this concept to life. Each encounter that visitors will experience on their walk through the Ozark woods translates nature’s secret music and hidden communication into a symphony of light and sound. The experience invites people to reconnect with nature and art while helping them to feel part of it.

The five distinct installations that will come to life with light, sound, and special effects are:

  • Crystal Grove – waves of light ripple through the trees in jewel-like fragments.
  • The Bridge – while crossing the bridge, visitors will become enveloped in a thick fog as light pixels give the illusion of water interacting with the forest.
  • The Hearth – visitors are drawn to gather and commune around a digital fire pit, where a sculpture made of tree limbs and twigs appears to float as it is consumed by flames. The Hearth evokes the region’s spiritual heritage with hymnal and gospel rhythms and melodies that conjure a transcendent communion in the woods.
  • Whispering Tree – visitors are invited to engage in private dialogue with a massive tree as lighting effects respond to the conversation, for all to see.
  • Forest Orchestra – like an orchestra tuning itself into harmony with its surroundings, visitors will experience a variety of music styles from our region’s ragtime, to bluegrass, folk and classical traditions, which will be enhanced by a light show, to inspire a spirit of celebration. 

The experience will be open in the evening hours after sunset, located in the first loop of the North Forest. Tickets will be available soon. 

Created and produced by Moment Factory.

Sponsored By

The Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation