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Van Cliburn Concert Series

Discover the artistry of live classical music

Experience the joy and artistry of a live piano concert with the newest season of our Van Cliburn Concert Series. Highlighting the talents of internationally renowned performers and composers, the Van Cliburn series celebrates today’s classical music through evocative, accessible concerts in the American Heartland.

From moving renditions of works by living composers to innovative twists on concert hall standards, these artists push the limits of contemporary classical music and demonstrate its lasting power to unite the head and heart. Each concert is set against the natural beauty of Crystal Bridges’ own Great Hall, and features the sonorous voice of our Van Cliburn Concert Grand Piano.

We hope to see you there.

2024 Concert Season

Get tickets to upcoming events, enjoy recordings of past concerts, and get to know each artist in this year’s concert season.

About the Piano

The beautiful Steinway and Sons grand piano played in this concert series once belonged to the internationally acclaimed pianist Van Cliburn.

Its characteristic rich, sonorous voice lends itself perfectly to a variety of playing styles and stems from its regular use by so many skilled artists. In the same way that tools wear to match the grips of their wielders, quality instruments often change over time to match their players—their sound evolving as the artist’s unique pattern of keystrokes, styles, and favorite pieces physically alter the instrument over time.

Previously Van Cliburn’s home practice instrument, the piano has since been played by world-class pianists, Cliburn competition medalists, Grammy Award-winners, and rising stars.

The piano was donated to Crystal Bridges by Tommy Smith, Cliburn’s long-time partner.


Past Concert Seasons

Enjoy recordings of past concerts in our archives below.

Sponsored by

The Van Cliburn Concert Series Endowment Fund supported by
Susan and Chip Chambers | Mary Ann and Reed Greenwood | Kay and Ellis Melton | Marti and Kelly Sudduth | Alice L. Walton

Additional sponsorship provided by Ellen and Malcolm Hayward and Jill and Tom King

Special thanks to Tommy Smith and Steinway & Sons.