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Crystal Bridges at Dusk

Board of Directors

Olivia Walton
Board Chair

Alice Walton
Founder, Chair Emeritus and Board Member

Annemarie Dillard Jazic
Vice President of eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Elizabeth Glassman
Terra Foundation for American Art
Former President and CEO

Thelma Golden
The Studio Museum
Director and Chief Curator

Donna Morris
Walmart Inc.
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

Hank Willis Thomas
Co-Founder of For Freedoms

John H. Tyson
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Board of Directors Chairman

Steuart Walton
Runway Group


Momentary Council

Tom Walton

Olivia Tyson
Tyson Family Foundation

Alice Walton

Olivia Walton

Steuart Walton


Departmental Leadership

Executive Director and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Rod Bigelow

Momentary Director and Senior Director of Crystal Bridges
Jill Wagar

Marketing and Communications

Chief Marketing, Communications, and Digital Officer
KC Hurst


Chief Curator
Austen Barron Bailly

Development and Membership

Chief Development Officer
Loria W. Oliver

Learning and Engagement

Chief Learning and Engagement Officer
Marissa Reyes