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family seated outdoors on Walker Landing

Crystal Bridges’ sponsorship program provides corporations, foundations, and individuals the opportunity to enhance our community and provide meaningful support for the Museum’s most visible and significant activities. Special events, exhibitions, and education programs are a few of the sponsorship opportunities available.

2023 Supporters

Crystal Bridges Founding Endowments

The endowment program is dedicated to removing the social, educational, and economic barriers that limit our community and its children from engaging in all that Crystal Bridges has to offer. Private gift support for these endowments is directed to programs and initiatives that allow unhindered public access, subsidize educational opportunities, and promote the sustainability of our trails and grounds. General support for the Next Generation Fund begins at $100,000. Named endowments begin at $1 million.

As Crystal Bridges and the Momentary, we recognize our role as settlers and guests in the Northwest Arkansas region. We acknowledge the Caddo, Quapaw, and Osage as well as the many Indigenous caretakers of this land and water. We appreciate the enduring influence of the vibrant, diverse, and contemporary cultures of Indigenous peoples. We are conscious of the role in colonization that museums have played. As cultural institutions, we have a responsibility to engage in the dismantling of historical and systemic invisibility of Indigenous peoples past, present, and future. We choose to intentionally hold ourselves accountable to appropriate conversation, representation, connection, and education to facilitate a space of measurable change.

Cómo Crystal Bridges y the Momentary, reconocemos nuestra presencia como colonos e invitados en la región del Noroeste de Arkansas. Agradecemos a las personas caddo, quapaw, y osage al igual que a los muchos pueblos originarios que cuidan de esta tierra y agua. Apreciamos la influencia perdurable de las culturas vibrantes, diversas, y contemporáneas de las comunidades indígenas. Estamos conscientes del papel que los museos han desempeñado en la colonización. Como instituciones culturales, tenemos la responsabilidad de comprometernos en desmantelar la invisibilidad histórica y sistémica de las comunidades indígenas, tanto en el pasado como en el presente y el futuro. Decidimos hacernos responsables del diálogo adecuado, de establecer conexiones y representación en el museo, y de educarnos a nosotros mismos para facilitar un espacio de cambio mensurable.