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Member Travel

As travel is one of life’s greatest joys, we are happy to offer our members a variety of opportunities to discover regional and national cultural treasures. Our member travel program offers the chance to explore major art destinations with fellow members and museum leadership, to deepen your understanding of the world of art, architecture, and nature.

Upcoming Trips

San Antonio, TX

MAY 22 – 24, 2024

Kindred Spirits, Benefactors, and Sustaining Circle

Traveling Curator: Alejo Benedetti

Endurance Level: Moderate

Experience the beauty of San Antonio on a journey that unveils the city’s cultural, natural, and culinary treasures. We’ll explore the vibrant River Walk, delve into the historic San Antonio Mission Trails, and wander through the lush landscapes of the Botanical Garden. Our exclusive itinerary will seamlessly intertwine museum visits, private home tours, artist studio visits, and plenty of free time for exploring.

Kansas City, MO

JUN 8, 2024

All Members

Traveling Curator: Alejo Benedetti

Endurance Level: Easy

Meet us in the heart of America! With vibrant art, savory flavors, and soul-stirring jazz, Kansas City promises an exquisite fusion of artistic inspiration and gastronomic delight. We’ll tour Niki de Saint Phalle’s exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins, explore Thomas Hart Benton’s home and studio, visit a private art collection, and of course, savor the country’s best BBQ.

San Francisco/Napa Valley, CA

OCT 17 – 21, 2024

Kindred Spirits

Traveling Curator: To be announced

Endurance Level: Moderate

Join us on our final trip of 2024, exploring San Francisco and Napa Valley. We’ll delight our taste buds with an exclusive culinary journey through the city’s diverse and delectable food scene, immerse ourselves in local museums and private collections, and commune with nature at the Muir Woods National Monument. Then, we’ll venture to picturesque Napa Valley, where rolling vineyards and charming wineries await. Indulge in wine tastings, surrounded by stunning landscapes, and discover how artistry extends to the craft of winemaking.

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Embracing New Perspectives

Our mission is to champion contemporary art’s role in everyday life while welcoming all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art, music, nature, and culinary art. Our travel program includes unique experiences that may awaken your imagination, deepen your understanding of the past, present, and future, and provide opportunities to challenge your perception of art, nature, and architecture. We ask for open hearts and minds, universal respect for staff and other patrons, and the ability to have empathy as we explore creativity and new perspectives on local, national, and global levels. In this professional and collaborative spirit, Crystal Bridges and the Momentary does not tolerate comments or behavior towards artists, hosts, staff, or fellow travelers that are not reflective of these values. We reserve the right to withdraw invitations to travel with the museum to any individuals who do not exhibit these shared values.

Endurance Levels


Expectations: There will be standing and walking for periods of time during museum visits or tours. Shorter travel days.

Appropriate for: Travelers in good health with overall good mobility.


Expectations: Longer touring days with many full-day motor coach excursions. Multi-day and night activities on the itinerary, may be planned. At times, standing and walking for long periods of time during tours, museum visits, and/or outdoor activities. Possible longer walks to get to locations where coaches are prohibited. Possible exposure to higher altitudes.

Appropriate for: Travelers who are physically fit and comfortable with longer days of touring (both walking tours and coach time).


Expectations: Programs are multi-day domestic and international experiences and will include day and night activities on the itinerary, many that will include full-day motor coach excursions and for certain trips can include sea/water transportation. May also include longer walks to get to locations where boats and coaches are prohibited. In some cities, elevators may not be available and guests should be able to climb stairs at a leisurely pace. Possible exposure to higher altitudes and time zones that can be a difference of 6 hours or longer.

Appropriate for: Travelers who are physically fit and comfortable with longer days of touring (both walking tours and coach time) or who have been cleared for physical activity under a doctor’s care and approved for long distance travel.