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Walker School Tour Program

Young students
HOLIDAY HOURS: Crystal Bridges will close early at 2 p.m. on December 24 (Christmas Eve) and be closed December 25 (Christmas Day).

HORARIO POR DÍAS FESTIVOS: Crystal Bridges cerrará a las 2:00 p.m. el 24 de diciembre (Nochebuena) y permanecerá cerrado el 25 de diciembre (Navidad).

Make the Museum Your Classroom with Free School Tours!

More than just a fun field trip, our on-site and virtual school tours are the perfect companion to what you’re already doing in the classroom. Each tour connects directly to K-12 curriculum standards and can be used for any subject area—all you have to do is let us know what you need.

Choose from more than 15 preset tours, or work with one of our Museum Educators to design a custom experience just for your students. Whichever path you choose, your visit is completely FREE!

FAQ for Educators

About Walker School Tours

Our highly trained Museum Educators have worked with Curriculum Specialists across Arkansas to design our tours to meet K-12 curriculum standards. Guided tours typically last one hour and focus on four to five works of art. Each tour is themed around an essential question (EQ) and each tour stop uses a specific guiding question to scaffold the conversation back into the theme and standards.

Museum Educators primarily use the dialogical model, a process of student-centered exploration that is designed to deepen critical thinking and discussion skills. That process allows each tour to be conducted at the appropriate level for the class while still promoting student growth.

Thanks to the Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation, we offer reimbursement for transportation (up to $250 per class) and a substitute (one per class) to every school that signs up as well as a free, nutritious sack lunch for each student.

If you need additional assistance, please reach out to

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Special Exhibition and Custom Tours

Exquisite Creatures

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12 March 25, 2024-July 29, 2024

What is it about the natural world that calls to you? Discover the connections between art and science in this exhibition by artist, naturalist, and author Christopher Marley.

See dazzling displays of beetles, butterflies, and bold mosaics of ocean life. Marley sustainably sources his specimens, using responsible insect collecting and vertebrates reclaimed after their death to design these works. He arranges the organisms in patterns inspired by nature—or presents them alone to draw our eye and increase our appreciation.

Children viewing the artwork We the People

Custom Tours

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12

Looking for a more personalized experience for your students? Let our Museum Educators work directly with you to design an educational experience tailored to your students’ grade level, curriculum, and objectives. Every custom tour is designed to meet state standards and integrate seamlessly into your classroom instruction.

Some custom tours recently created include “Japanese-American Artists” for a high school Japanese language class, “The Great Gatsby” for a 10th grade English class, “Hadestown” and Greek Mythology” for a high school English class, and “The French and Indian War” for 4th graders.

Note: Custom tours must be requested at least three weeks prior to the intended tour date.

Introductory Tours

Crystal Bridges aerial view

Me and My Museum

On-site Virtual Grades K-2

This introductory tour designed for young students will explore what a museum is and what they can see and learn while on a visit. Students will interact with a variety of paintings and sculptures and learn how to make the museum their own through conversation, movement, stories, and hands-on group activities.

EQ: What can you see and learn in an art museum?

In the Round

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12

When artists design three-dimensional works of art that step into our space, we interact with them in different ways than how we interact with two-dimensional artworks. This tour will examine different ways of exploring sculptural works including writing, sketching, movement, and conversation.

EQ: What elements make three-dimensional art different from two-dimensional art?

Pedestrian bridge from the north tower to the north forest

The Art of Architecture

On-site Virtual Grades 5-12

Discover how the architecture of Crystal Bridges is as stunning and inspirational as the artwork found inside! On this tour, students will discover the architecture of Crystal Bridges. From conception to completion, students will learn the intricacies of how the museum was designed and built. They’ll learn about our founder Alice Walton and her vision for a museum that promotes art, architecture, and nature, as well as architect Moshe Safdie, who brought that vision to life. Students will also learn about the Bachman-Wilson House and its architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

EQ: What is architecture and what makes it art?

Core Subject Tours

The Writing is on the Wall: Stories in Art

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12

Every artist and work of art has a story to tell. On this tour, students will learn how to “read” works of art in a museum. By gathering clues about character, plot, and setting in artworks, students will discuss, collaborate, and be inspired to tell their own stories.

EQ: How do artists tell stories through art? How can the viewer be inspired to tell their own stories?

Big Red Lens by Frederick Eversley

Art and Science

On-site Virtual Grades 5-8

Throughout history, artists and scientists have shared a passion for discovery and innovation. Students on this tour will practice scientific thinking to develop connections between science and visual art. By discussing artworks’ subject matter as well as artists’ materials and processes, students will gain an understanding of the visual effects we see in painting and sculpture and how they were achieved.

EQ: Why is observation essential in art and science?

Gabriel Dawe, Plexus No. 27

Art and Math

On-site Virtual Grades 5-8

Both artists and mathematicians throughout history have strived to understand and express the shapes, patterns, and relationships they saw in the world. On this tour, students will explore the mathematical concepts illustrated by multiple artists and artworks in our collection.

EQ: What are the connections between art and math?

The Stories of U.S.

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12

Americans are a diverse group, having come here from many places across the world for many different reasons over time. Each of us has a unique story to tell of our families and lives. This tour takes students through American history via artworks that tell the complex and fascinating story of the mosaic that is life in the United States.

EQ: How does art tell the stories of America and its people?

Citizenship 101

On-site Virtual Grades 9-12

To help students prepare for the Citizenship test required for high school graduation, this tour examines artworks that speak to the rights and responsibilities of American citizens. Concepts such as the value of individual voices in a democracy, the common good, national expansion, civil rights for all citizens, and the three branches of government and their relationships are all potential opportunities for conversation.

EQ: How can the study of artworks help us become better citizens?

Artistic Process

Beth Lipman, Belonging(s)

Art and Innovation

On-site Virtual Grades 5-12

Art is always changing thanks to the new ideas of bold, creative, and daring artists. On this tour, students will look at the ways some artists break away from the past and bring innovation to the art world. Through active looking and discussion, students will discover how works of art can lead us to see and interpret the world in new and different ways.

EQ: How can art and artists be innovative?

Materials and Techniques

On-site Virtual Grades 9-12

How does an artist work with specific materials, and how do they create some of their effects? This tour uses hands-on props and activities to reveal techniques that artists use to achieve the results we see in their finished works.

EQ: What are the artistic processes and mediums that artists use to create art?

Perspectives in Art

Kerry James Marshall, Our Town

Black Excellence in Art

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12

Explore the past, present, and future through the perspective of Black artists. This tour will allow students to understand, appreciate and celebrate Black artists’ immense contributions to the art world and American history. Students will identify how Black artists use art to highlight inequities and celebrate triumphs to build awareness and empathy.

EQ: How have Black artists utilized art to tell the stories of the black experience in America?

Celebrating Women Artists

On-site Virtual Grades 3-12

Women’s voices have always been a catalyst for change in art and society. Crystal Bridges has built a rich collection of female artists’ works spanning centuries. On this tour, students will explore the voices of women in art and how their works have confronted various social and political issues, helping to change society for all people.

EQ: How have women contributed to art and society?

Self-Guided Visits

students in the galleries

Self-guided museum tours are another way for you to take your students to learn at Crystal Bridges. You can arrive at your own convenience, schedule your day as you need to, and still receive reimbursement for bus and substitute teacher costs as with guided tours.

Your arrival and departure depend only upon your schedule – if early arrival works best, come early before the museum opens to enjoy the sculpture trails. If you need to arrive later in the day, you can stay as long as you like. The only differences are that your group will be responsible for their own lunches and will not receive guided tours from Museum Educators. Please join us at Crystal Bridges for a day that you create for yourselves!

Book a Self-Guided School Tour

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