Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Opportunity Delta

Opportunity Delta: High School Residential Internship Program

Diversity Initiative: Our Commitment to the Future of Museums. Crystal Bridges is committed to a diverse workforce and to providing training for the next generation of non-profit and museum professionals. Recognizing the desire and responsibility to support and develop greater diversity in the museum and visual arts professions. Crystal Bridges will assertively recruit interns from underrepresented demographics to support our organization’s and industry’s diversity and inclusion strategic initiatives.  Rising seniors attedning a high school in Phillips County are encourages to apply for this internship opportunity to work alongside Crystal Bridges staff and gain hands-on, valuable experience that will prepare students for college and beyond. Stipends are available. 

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1Where will my child be staying?
The Crystal Bridges Farmhouse is within located on the Crystal Bridges campus in the North Forest , and is approximately 1.5 miles from downtown Bentonville. The Farmhouse has many comfortable indoor and outdoor common spaces including an expansive yard, patio, and swimming pool. Participants will be housed in dorm-style, shared bedrooms with an adjacent bathroom. All mattresses are queen size. There is a TV with basic cable in each bedroom. There is a landline telephone in one of the shared living areas for local calls only, Complementary wifi is available at the Farmhouse. There are no computers provided at the residence, but interns may bring their own laptops. or use the computers in the Crystal Bridges Library.
2Resident Mentors
Residential Mentors (RMs), are adults who share the interns’ living space at the Farm House during their residency. RMs serve as the ‘parents’ in the house, in that they are responsible for making sure students are safe, following established rules, are where they are supposed to be according to the schedule, and are all getting along together and meeting program expectations. All RMs have counseling training and experience working with young adults.
Interns will share responsibility for basic housekeeping duties at the Farmhouse such as cleaning bathrooms, restocking paper supplies, trash removal, etc. They will also have a schedule for working cooperatively to cook communal evening meals. There is a laundry facility on-site with a washer and dryer, free of charge. Smoking is not permitted inside or directly adjacent to the Farmhouse.
4How will my child be supervised?
RMs will be supervising at the residence; CBMAA staff at the museum
5Who can I contact about my child/in an emergency/if I can't reach my child?
You can contact Crystal Bridges’ Human Relations department at 479.418.4331 or 479.418.5706.
6What will a typical day look like for my child?
Each day will begin with a morning meeting at 8:30 to set daily goals and overview the day, followed by time in the gallery with educators. Then students will work with staff in specific departments until lunch. After lunch, student pairs will work on their presentation projects, with access to educators and relevant staff, until 4:30 p.m., when a wrap-up meeting will end the workday. Every Tuesday students will attend a professional development class at Northwest AR Community College from 9 a.m. to noon.
7What will my child do on weekends and evenings?
RMs schedule a range of activities including visits to cultural institutions and museums, the University of Arkansas, and entertainment venues. A park is near the Farmhouse where students can play tennis, soccer, beach volleyball, or just enjoy the outdoors. The Farmhouse has a swimming pool, and the house is within easy walking distance to the Bentonville Square if students want to have a restaurant meal or just get ice cream.
8Is this a paid internship?
High School interns will earn $10 an hour for their work, which will be paid in a lump sum at the end of their internship. Students will be given about $100 in spending money on the first workday but may want to bring some money with them.
9What clothes will my child need?
Each student will need to bring dress clothes; they will be expected to dress professionally each workday. Because they will be representing CBMAA both on and off the Museum campus, they will need appropriate clothing even in their casual wear. They will need comfortable walking shoes as well as dark pants and a dark shirt (to work with the culinary department). A bathing suit is optional.

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