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The Four Seasons

May 4 – September 12, 2016

Philip Haas, Spring (after Arcimboldo)
Philip Haas, Spring (after Arcimboldo), 2011, fiberglass, 180 x 125 1/4 x 114 1/4 in.

The Four Seasons, by American artist and filmmaker Philip Haas, is a series of large-scale fiberglass sculptures inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s four 1563 Italian Renaissance paintings: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  Haas’s twenty-first-century interpretation translates the historic paintings into three-dimensional form and connects us to nature’s annual cycle of death and renewal. Each bust showcases a medley of vegetation associated with a specific time of year.


Haas’s four smaller versions of the sculptures (maquettes) are on view inside the Museum.

Philip Haas maquettes