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North Forest Lights (2019)

October 26, 2019 – February 16, 2020

Colored lights in a forest at night

North Forest Lights premiered at Crystal Bridges in 2019 and it’s back in 2020!

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North Forest Lights is an artistic light and sound experience in the middle of the North Forest unlike anything Crystal Bridges has ever presented before. Five distinct installations will bring the soul of the forest to life with light, sound, and sensory effects in a captivating, family-friendly experience.

Crystal Bridges partnered with Montreal-based multimedia and entertainment studio Moment Factory to bring this concept to life. Each encounter that visitors will experience on their walk through the Ozark woods translates nature’s secret music and hidden communication into a symphony of light and sound. North Forest Lights invites people to reconnect with nature and art while helping them to feel part of it.

The experience will be open in the evening hours after sunset. The forest is a natural setting with changing elevations, please watch your step. View a printable map.

Created and produced by Moment Factory

The five distinct installations that will come to life with light, sound, and special effects are:

  • Crystal Grove – See the glowing language of young saplings, as they seem to communicate through shimmering crystal lights.
  • Forest Frequencies – Channel the natural and human past as light and music connect you with the wavelengths of the Arkansas woods.
  • The Hearth – Gather around a bonfire-like sculpture to immerse yourself in the warm glow and beating heart of nature.
  • Whispering Tree – Communicate with a magnificent tree to learn about the color of your own voice.
  • Memory of Water – Surround yourself in light and sound, as a simulated stream brings water back to this dry creek bed.

Sponsored By

Willard & Pat Walker Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Bogle Family, Terri & Chuck Erwin, and George’s