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North Forest Lights: Who is Moment Factory?

North Forest Lights, a nighttime multimedia experience unlike anything Crystal Bridges has ever presented before, is opening on October 26.

In order to bring this experience to life, Crystal Bridges partnered with Moment Factory to develop and produce the concept.

But who is Moment Factory

Much like Crystal Bridges, Montreal-based multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory strives to bring people together, to welcome all to experiences that inspire a sense of collective wonder and connection. Moment Factory has more than 350 experienced, passionate, multidisciplinary creators from around the world who come together to create, design, and produce multimedia environments and unforgettable experiences using video, lighting, sound, animation, and state-of-the-art technology.

But their work can speak for itself:


Public Space Experiences

In 2012, the studio was invited to create the first sound and light experience to showcase the complex and magnificent Nativity façade of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. Moment Factory honored architect Antoni Gaudi’s dream of seeing his monument in full color and the more than five generations of residents and visitors who’ve watched the famed temple’s slow march to completion. The team used moving lights beaming color onto the temple, which then fractured across the nighttime city to create a 15-minute, seven-act show, representing the seven days during which the universe was created.



Multimedia Lumina Night Walks

Moment Factory has also produced outdoor forest Lumina Night Walk experiences in Canada, Japan, and Singapore. Each Lumina Night Walk experience blends lighting, sound design, interactive elements, and projection mapping to shape a narrative tailor-made to enhance the beauty of that specific site. In some aspects, this experience will be similar to what visitors can expect at Crystal Bridges this fall. Whereas Lumina Night Walks are immersive multimedia experiences with a narrative, North Forest Lights will be an artistic light and sound experience.



Visit Moment Factory’s YouTube page to watch these projects, and others, come to fruition, and get pumped for their next project: Crystal Bridges!


This post was written by Brittany Johnson, eCommunications Coordinator.