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Sensory Exploration Artmaking Kit

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Welcome to Sensory Exploration Kit!

Sensory Exploration Kits are artmaking kits specially designed to connect seniors living in assisted living facilities and at home through memories from the past using sensory materials, guided virtual gallery conversations, and activities related to collection artworks. Kits include artmaking and sensory materials with instruction sheets and conversation prompts, which can be paired with a free Guided Virtual Gallery Conversation led by a gallery guide. Sensory Exploration Kits are an extension of the museum’s Social Connecting Campaign.

Guided Gallery Conversations

Join us for a free Guided Virtual Gallery Conversation, which is a fun conversation led by a gallery guide that includes explorations of artworks through the senses. No art experience required! To schedule a guided virtual gallery conversation, please email

Sensory Exploration art kit

What is your favorite place in nature to visit and why? Artist William Trost Richards was inspired by the nature around him as he painted Along the Shore (1903), which features waves crashing against the rocks near his house in Newport, Rhode Island. You can use the items in this kit to reflect on a place in nature that inspires you, too!


  • Sensory Samples
  • Pencils
  • Watercolor set
  • Watercolor paper and postcards

Download the bi-lingual handout.