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Marie Bannerot McInerney: Trace Me Back

Contemporary Art Gallery

Inspired by the tragic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice, Marie Bannerot Mclnerney’s experiential installation Trace Me Back speaks to ideas of impermanence, loss, and those fleeting moments that cannot be undone. Her artistic practice mines recorded histories, ancient mythologies, and natural phenomena to meditate on the relationships between bodies and space, present and past, and perception and position.

“I create installations, objects, and drawings that consider our place within larger structures to imagine how to contend with an uncertain future,” McInerney says.

For this site-specific project curated by Alejo Benedetti, acting curator, contemporary art, and Victor Gomez, curatorial assistant, contemporary art, the artist employs various materials such as silk organza, concrete, light, and sonic elements to imaginatively transform a section of Crystal Bridges’ Contemporary Art Gallery into a space that inspires wonder, contemplative stillness, and reflection.  

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Marie Bannerot McInerney is a multidisciplinary studio artist and educator born in Houston, Texas. She holds a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute (2002) and a MFA from Washington University in Saint Louis (2012). Mclnerney was a 2018 Charlotte Street Artist Award Fellow and has been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad, at the Bellevue Arts Museum (Bellevue, WA), Mildred Lane Kemper Museum (Saint Louis, MO), and Han Tianheng Art Museum Shanghai (Shanghai City, China), to name a few.

Square light shining through white gauze onto shiny orb resting on a gray mat
Marie Bannerot McInerney, [AP]PARENT BODIES, 2018, light, silk, atmosphere, plaster, flax paper, metal leaf, beeswax, concrete, cotton, plastic, and meteorite fragment. Photo by EG Schempf.

In addition to her studio background, Mclnerney worked in the costume and fashion industry for over a decade as a knitwear designer and manufacturer for SKIF International and as the head dyer for the costume shop at the Opera Theatre Saint Louis. She currently serves as an associate professor in the Fiber Department at the Kansas City Art Institute. To learn more about Mclnerney’s practice and work, visit or her Instagram (@BANNEROT).

Marie Bannerot McInerney: Trace Me Back is free for all to view.