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Crystal Bridges Ups Its Recycling Game

Coca-Cola and Crystal Bridges have teamed up to promote initiatives that help museum guests be environmentally conscious. The Hydration Station, the Forest Concert Series presented on the Coca-Cola Stage, and the High South on a Roll food truck are all examples of how the two entities have created projects that promote environmental education, access, and community.

Now, thanks once again to the support of Coca-Cola, Crystal Bridges is also providing guests with more opportunities to recycle and sort trash accordingly around campus. 68 new recycling bins have been placed throughout the museum and out on the grounds. Anywhere you find a trash bin, you will find a companion recycling bin, and in some cases, even a third bin for glass waste.

Each of the bins also offers a list of commonly used products at the museum and in which bin each product belongs, both on top of the bin and on the side with drawings to increase recycling education.


The effort is part of Coca-Cola’s initiative called #CocaColaRenew, and their World Without Waste program, which “hopes to inspire people to think, feel and behave differently about packaging waste and reimagine the possibilities of recycled plastic.”

Crystal Bridges looks forward to finding more ways to continue partnering with Coca-Cola on sustainable initiatives and education to promote positive change and growth.