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A Teen Council Member Reflects on Her Time

Spending three days in Boston, I learned so much. I was able to attend presentations on education in museums, diversity, LGBTQIA+ representation, racial justice, and so much more. I’m in awe and filled with gratitude at the idea that Crystal Bridges made that trip possible for me. Being involved in Crystal Bridges has helped me learn more about art, especially architecture, and make connections for my future career.


Mentors and Role Models

It’s impossible to talk about the impact of Teen Council without mentioning Holly York. Holly is a lot of things: our supervisor, educator, leader, sure, but most importantly, she is our Teen Queen. She is the educator at the museum in charge of corralling Teen Council and working with us.


Holly is a major part of my incredible experience with Teen Council. She hired me as a paid intern–one of the Teen Council leaders–two years ago and took me under her wing. She’s given me so many opportunities and has become not only one of my biggest role models and mentors, but a friend, too. The responsibility and value that Holly has placed on me over the years has taught me so much. I can always count on Holly for a sense of leadership and help. I’m incredibly grateful to her for placing me in a position that helped me open up and become a stronger leader. She deserves a lot of the credit for my growth into a more independent and outspoken individual.


I think it’s really important to have people that guide you and ignite a passion in you for learning, and Holly is a significant guide and role model to me. She’s given me a place in the museum, and it’s become like a second home for me, and somewhere I am always learning new things and broadening my perspective.

Teen Council members

The museum is a substantial part of my life, and it’s taught me more than I can describe in one short blog post. The council has made me more confident in presenting, they’ve educated me, and they’ve helped me make connections with role models and guides that will continue to help and inspire me long after I leave the council. I guarantee that I would be an entirely different person without the opportunities for knowledge and growth that I have been given, and I can’t thank Crystal Bridges enough for what they’ve done for me.


Want to be a member of the next Teen Council?

Crystal Bridges is seeking applications from creative, committed, and diverse high school students with an interest in art and community engagement to be part of the museum’s 2019-2020 Teen Council. Applications open on May 20 and close August 2. Visit our Teen Council page!


This post was written by Virginia Hammond, Teen Council Leader.