Tyson Scholar Application 2019 – 2020

All application materials should be received by the deadline of January 15, 2019. If the proposal does not include all of the following components, it will be considered incomplete.

  1. Application Form (below)
  2. Attachments (please include one copy of each of the following):
    • A statement of purpose (limited to 1,000 words) outlining the aspects of the work to be accomplished during the residency period and the specific benefits that the residency program would provide. If you plan to use objects from the Museum collection and/or materials from the Museum archives in your research, please provide a brief listing.
      • Note: Pre-doctoral applicants must also include a detailed statement of their dissertation project outlining its contribution to the field, methodologies, and overview of relevant literature (limited to 1,000 words).
    • Curriculum vitae (limited to 10 pages)
  3. Two letters of recommendation.
    • For pre-doctoral applicants, one of these letters must be from the applicant’s dissertation advisor or professor. Letters should be sent directly by the author to Crystal Bridges. Signed and scanned letters sent by email to [email protected] are acceptable.
    • Note: We will inform applicants when we receive letters, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to see that all letters of recommendation are submitted to the Museum by the application deadline.

Any questions about the application should be referred to Taylor Pecktal, Project Manager, at [email protected] or 479-418-5760.

After your application is submitted, you will receive an email from Crystal Bridges alerting you that your application is either complete or incomplete. If you do not receive this email, the museum has not received your application.

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