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CB to You Mobile Art Lab

CB to You Mobile Art Lab

Energizing Community Through Art!


Coming soon to a community near you: the CB to You Mobile Art Lab!

The CB to You Mobile Art Lab is a traveling pop-up art experience energizing the power of community through art. Featuring regional artists from across Northwest Arkansas, the art lab will be visiting local libraries and festivals around the region to bring artmaking, music, storytelling, and more.

The mobile art lab runs each year from April to November, with stops featuring art- and community-inspired activities for all ages. From creative experiences with a visiting artist to free special exhibition tickets, free art kits to take home, live music, and more, each stop is packed with inspired fun for everyone.

Find out when CB to You is coming to your community here, or sign up for eNews to learn more about what’s happening with Crystal Bridges.

The CB to You Mobile Art Lab is brought to you in collaboration with regional artists, featuring Lourdes Valverde, Alan Rodrieguez with Razos Studios, Lyette Thrower, and Tram Colwin.

Additional collaborations include: the Mobile Print Cart, facilitated by local printmaker Vic Barquin and designed by Somewhere Studios; music and movement experiences guided by community organizations Music Moves and Latin X Theater Project; and live artmaking at festivals by additional community artists.

CB to You 2024 Tour Schedule


Please see individual event listings for details on artists, activities, and performances.

Keep an eye on this space for updates about new stops and CB to You events, or sign up for eNews and be the first to hear where the mobile art lab is headed next!

What to Expect at CB to You


  • Art in Action: With interactive artist demos and drop-in studio visits, each of CB to You’s guest artists will explore what community means through resilience and storytelling. You’ll get to meet the artists, hear about their inspiration, and even make some works of your own.
  • Art and Inspiration Coming to You: The mobile art lab will tour from April to November visiting local community libraries, afterschool programs, and festivals. Each visit will feature activities with a guest artist, plus occasional pop-up musical performances, storytelling sessions, and other activities.
  • Something to Take With You: Besides the inspiration and fun, we’ll also have free art kits available at local festivals and art totes for checkout at partner libraries.

Featured CB to You Guest Artists and Partners


Shay Holloway

Shay Holloway is a self-taught visual artist whose work spans across various styles, mediums, and subject matter. She has a deep love of the psychology of colors and lines and understanding how they work together to set the tone for a piece. She is passionate about not limiting her creative expression; her ever evolving work is a testament to the way that she experiences life—as a continuous unfolding of creative wonder and experimentation. Through her artistic practice her intent is to inspire others to stay curious, adventurous, and open to the expression of their own creative energy in more ways than one.

Owen Buffington

Owen Buffington is an artist and educator working out of Fayetteville, AR. His mixed-media drawings explore the intersection of geography and the visual arts—in particular the role drawing plays in shaping how we describe, define and organize everyday spaces. Building off of the visual language of maps, blueprints, plans and diagrams, he creates a personal geography of the places around him that privileges the messiness of lived experience over the tidiness of idealized space.

Owen received an MFA, with an emphasis in drawing, from the University of Arkansas in 2017, and a BA in geography and urban studies from Macalester College in 2004. He has taught art in a number of venues including at universities, community art non-profits, juvenile detention facilities, and public schools. He currently teaches part-time at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith and at the Creative Community Center in Fayetteville.

Anupriya Dey

Anupriya Dey, a self-taught and independent artist, is a whimsical visionary whose work reflects her deep passion and fascination with the world of art. With a heart that harbors the innocence of a child and a steadfast belief in magic, Anupriya’s artistic journey is a testament to her desire to inhabit a world imbued with vibrant colors and boundless emotions.

Hailing from India, Anupriya’s upbringing amidst diverse cultures, languages, and art forms has shaped her distinctive artistic style—a captivating fusion of her rich heritage and personal experiences. Her art seamlessly blends the ordinary with the fantastical, inviting viewers into a realm where reality intertwines with magic.

Anupriya’s paintings are a tapestry of vivid hues and intricate details, each canvas narrating a unique story that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. Beyond her creative endeavors, she dedicates her time and talent to enriching local communities through voluntary work. Whether it’s lending her artistic vision to cultural events or nurturing the next generation of artists through teaching, Anupriya is committed to spreading the joy of creativity far and wide.

Driven by a desire to inspire and uplift others, Anupriya envisions a future where her artistic legacy serves as a bridge between generations. Her aspiration is to cultivate a deep appreciation for the arts among young minds while offering a source of solace and wonder to the elderly. Through her boundless imagination and unwavering dedication, Anupriya Dey continues to illuminate the world with the transformative power of art.


Abby Hollis

Abby Hollis is a fiber artist and craft community organizer in Fayetteville, AR working toward the revitalization of local fiber systems. In her own craft practice, she spins and weaves using predominantly Ozark wool. Her work places emphasis on material processes, object memory, and relational skill sharing over finished product and often questions the way that modern western society values (or fails to value) textiles and their makers.

After growing up in Fayetteville, AR, Hollis attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where she received a BFA in Fibers and Design for Sustainability. During and after her time at SCAD, she studied textile systems in Northwest Arkansas, Coastal Georgia, Hong Kong, Northern India, and south-central Peru, striving toward cultural literacy and an understanding of the global impact of art and design. She has worked as a product designer for LIVSN Designs, Darcy Apparel, beardedgoat, Nativ, Sequoyah Collective Inc, Awamaki, and JOYN Bags and has been featured in the CFDA Fashion Future Showcase, the Interface Uplifted by Design Exhibition, Sustainable Fashion Week, NWA Fashion Week, Ozark Folkways Fiber Fest, the Crafting Art History in the Ozarks Symposium, and more. She is a co-founder of the Ozark chapter of Fibershed, a board member at Ozark Folkways, and the Product Manager and Head of Sustainability at outdoor apparel brand LIVSN Designs.

Grace Underfanger

Grace Underfanger is a Printmaker and Graphic Designer located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

She is originally from Springfield, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. Grace began her untraditional education path through a trade school program for Graphic Design. She was a top-five finalist in Skills USA Illinois Screen-printing for 2018 and 2019. In late 2018 she founded Crimson Fox Design Co. and has been a featured member of the Startup Village and Co.Starters for her Graphic Design work.

In 2021, Grace moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas to pursue a BFA in Printmaking. Her printmaking work centers around the human figure and the female gaze. While her print practice revolves around engagement in printmaking with the community. Her prints have been exhibited in “Fresh Prints” at the Windgate Studio and Design Center and published in the Deathray Volume 1 Zine. Grace actively facilitates community screen-printing workshops across Northwest Arkansas at locations such as the Fayetteville Public Library, Windgate Studio and Design Center, The Fruitcake Market, and more.

In her free time she enjoys taking long bike rides down the Greenway, picking up flowers along the way to bring home to her dog Bea.


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