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Kindred Spirits

Aerial View of Crystal Bridges

Kindred Spirits of Crystal Bridges

At Crystal Bridges, our mission extends beyond celebrating the American spirit through art and nature; we also aim to perpetuate the honored tradition of sharing and hope to inspire others to give. Philanthropy is as much a part of our culture as any work of art, and private giving has allowed the museum to become an integral and valued part of our community.

In a show of gratitude for leadership gifts, we have launched the Kindred Spirits of Crystal Bridges donor recognition program for individuals who contribute $10,000 or more annually through membership or sponsorship of an exhibition or program.

The name is likely familiar to you; it is also the title of the renowned Hudson River School painting by Asher B. Durand—a centerpiece of our permanent collection. The expression “kindred spirits” also beautifully conveys our supporters’ shared goal of promoting Crystal Bridges and shared belief in a museum’s power to transform lives. The financial support provided by these donors positively impacts Crystal Bridges’ ability to increase awareness of American art—on local, national, and international stages.

In addition to benefits corresponding to the level of giving, Kindred Spirits receive invitations to exclusive programs in Bentonville, Dallas, and New York City. As the program grows, so will the list of offerings and locations.

For more information about belonging to Kindred Spirits, contact Loria W. Oliver at