Black Unity

May 4 through September 5, 2016

This exhibition features 13 artworks made by eight African American artists within the past five decades in an array of media, including photography, sculpture, painting, and tapestry.

Rooted in the personal experiences and reflections of each artist, the works explore family, historical figures and events, and cultural touchstones that resonate within the African American community.  Ultimately, the unique voices of these artists come together to tell a story that transcends color and creed and unites viewers under a shared American experience. This exhibition features five new acquisitions never before shown at Crystal Bridges.

“With the increased diversification of our collections, it is exciting to have the opportunity to showcase new acquisitions in an installation that specifically addresses the black experience in this country,” says Alejo Benedetti, Crystal Bridges curator for Black Unity. “This show encourages conversations about race. The unique voices of the artists unite visitors across a shared American identity—in this way black unity is inherently American unity.”