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My Museum Classroom Kits

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Welcome to My Museum Classroom Kit!

My Museum Classroom Kits are thematic art kits designed to integrate artmaking with classroom curriculum. Kits include artmaking materials and instruction sheets for the art projects which can be paired with close looking and artmaking videos from our website for a richer experience.

We are committed to serving under-resourced schools in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Preference will be given to these schools in the allotment of My Museum Classroom Kits. To demonstrate need, please submit either the percentage of students in your school enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch program or Title I status on school letterhead.

My Museum Classroom Kit Application

Current Kits

In this series of My Museum Classroom Kits, students will explore the self in a variety of contexts through close-looking and hands-on artmaking. Each kit is centered around the G.U.I.D.E. for Life social and emotional learning standards.

Full STEAM Ahead kit icon
Full STEAM Ahead (coming soon)

This kit explores how artists use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to create works of art. Throughout time, artists have explored the world in the same way as scientists, using looking and thinking. In this kit, we will explore how artists have used science in their creative processes to make beautiful artworks. Use this kit to join us in looking and thinking about some great works of art, then create your own science-based works of art. Recommended for grades K-2.

Once Upon a Painting kit icon
Once Upon a Painting (coming soon)

This kit is about understanding how artists tell us stories in their artworks. Artists do the same things visually that writers do with words: they create characters and settings, they create conflicts for the characters to deal with, and they encourage us to imagine our own stories based on their pictures. Recommended for grades 3-5.

The Power of Prose kit icon
The Power of Prose (coming soon)

This kit is about artists who infuse language and symbolic materials together to empower audiences toward new conversation around community, justice, nature, history, and hope. Recommended for grades 3-5.

Change Is the only Constant kit icon
Change Is the Only Constant

Explore using fiber materials while learning about artworks that speak to the idea that “change is the only constant.” Recommended for grades 6-8.

Better to Give than Receive kit icon
It is Better to Give Than Receive

Explore the perspectives of artists Isamu Noguchi and Kristen Cliffel as they address the subjects of cultural and personal empathy and compassion. Recommended for grades 6-8.

One Person Can Make a Difference kit icon
One Person Can Make a Difference

Explore artworks that identify powerful perspectives in a world struggling with cultural equality and accurate representation. Recommended for grades 6-8.

Actions Speak Louder than Words kit icon
Actions Speak Louder than Words

Explore close-looking activities and artmaking projects that fuse collage work featured in the kit. Recommended for grades 6-8.

Past Kits

Four of the kits in the series are tailored to content in each of the four core subjects, and the fifth kit addresses themes from the social and emotional learning standards.