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Wellness Festival: SunnyDays Presents Meditation & Sound with Avery Whitmore

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The Momentary
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A group of women meditating with the sun rising in the background

Join us for a unique sound and meditation experience in the Tulip Barn at the Momentary!

Presented by SunnyDays as part of Crystal Bridges and the Momentary’s cross-campus Wellness Festival, join guest instructor Avery Whitmore at the Tulip Barn as he leads you on an inward journey, accompanied by the peaceful sounds of crystal singing bowls, flutes, chimes, and other instruments.

Along the way, Avery will guide you through gentle breathing exercises to help quiet the mind. As your body relaxes, the combination of soothing sounds and breathwork will help you release stress, find clarity, and discover a deeper sense of calm in the mind and body.

Each 50-minute session, offered at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., consists of 25 minutes of breathing practice followed by 25 minutes of rest and relaxation set to the peaceful, soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls and other healing instruments.

Tickets are $15, reserve your spot online or with Guest Services at (479) 657-2335 today.


About the Instructor

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Avery Whitmore

Avery Whitmore is a Healing Arts Practitioner who is deeply committed to the transformative powers of sound, breath, and meditation.