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Volunteer Tour Guide Info Session

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Looking for a way to get more involved with your museum?

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is recruiting volunteer tour guides to offer tours and facilitated experiences of the museum’s art, architecture, and nature!

Guides play an incredibly important role in fulfilling the museum’s mission and helping our visitors make personal, lasting connections with Crystal Bridges. Taking this responsibility into consideration, guides are asked to attend additional training that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion. All guides are expected to uphold the museum’s commitment to being an antiracist institution and actively educate themselves on the best ways to engage with a diverse audience.

We are currently recruiting guides with the plan to interview potential candidates in late fall of 2021 and begin initial training in early 2022 with guides offering tours and experiences for guests by spring of 2022.

You can learn more about the tours and cart experiences offered by guides here.

Guide leads a family on a tour of the museum
Gallery Guide Bob DeGarmo leads a family tour during Preschool Playdate.

Here’s what one of our current guides has to say about the program:

“When the museum’s guests recall Crystal Bridges, I want them to remember the people they meet, including me, as fondly as the wonderful things they see. There is so much in it for me, too. As a guide I enjoy having fascinating discussions with guests from a multitude of backgrounds and places. Through those conversations and our training I get to a deeper, more rounded, personal understanding of our incredible art and architecture. Plus, hey, it’s a place for me to express some of my respectful enthusiasm with every interaction. Guiding is a treat to myself, and I intend it as a memorable gift to our guests as well.” – Bill Correll


We are looking for guides who:

  • are excited about the museum’s mission
  • can be flexible and want to grow alongside an expanding museum
  • have a desire to interact with a diverse group of people
  • are passionate about creating great guest experiences
  • love learning and sharing knowledge with others

As a guide, you will:

  • facilitate conversational tours and experiences for guests that encourage personal connections to art, architecture, and nature
  • participate in ongoing trainings that focus on facilitation techniques and subject matter content
  • contribute to a learning community that includes other volunteers and staff and is supportive, collaborative, and reflective
  • take part in off-site and hands-on learning opportunities that deepen your understanding of specific content

Ready to learn more? Come to one of our info sessions! Check out the session schedule and reserve your spot here.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about becoming a guide, please reach out to Guide Programs staff via email at