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Studio Demo: Creating Characters with Goop World

Class/Workshop Nature
The Studio
No Ticket Required

Ever dreamt of stepping into an artist’s studio for a day? Studio Demos give you the chance! Inspired by artworks or special exhibitions, Studio Demos let you meet local artists as they set up in the Studio and demonstrate their process. The best part? It’s a free event that puts you right in the heart of creative action and leaves you inspired! This month, join us to witness sculptor Natalia Franco as she demonstrates her techniques for creating characters that live in her own “Goop World!”

Free, no tickets required. Drop by anytime from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About the Artist

Natalia Franco is a sculptor and creator of Goop World. She has utilized her talents to create an ever-expanding realm of characters, designs, and explorative sculptures. She uses materials like ceramic, paints, resins, steel, foam, and faux plants to create, finding no end to the expansive nature of sculpture. Viewers find themselves drawn in by comforting colors, fantastical creatures, and an emotion that feels so familiar yet impossible to describe. Natalia brings a gentle neutrality and subtle humor to complex emotions, giving viewers a place to introspect and observe. Who are you, Earthling?