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Studio Demo: Craft, Crochet, and Fiber Arts with Gina Gallina

The Studio
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Meet artist Gina Rose Gallina!

Gina will be bringing a few finished crochet items as well as actively working on a piece in The Studio. Guests are encouraged to stop and chat with the artist about their work and journey as an artist. You’ll get a chance to meet a local artist, learn about their process, and more deeply understand the artwork displayed in our focus exhibition, Takaezu & Tawney: The Artist is a Poet.

Free, no registration required.

About the Artist

Gina Rose Gallina is a crochet artist in the Northwest Arkansas area. Originally from St.Petersburg, Florida, her grandmother taught her to crochet when she was 8 years old. They would sit and watch Italian cooking shows and crochet bibs and hats for newborns for the local hospital. Leaving home at 18 years old in 1993, she traveled across the country for some much needed inner soul searching. Finally, after visiting Eureka Springs, AR, she found her new home. Few years later, she formed a band called“ The Camptown Ladies” with her friend. Playing music became a focus and they played all over the region as well as contestants on Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” Towns with Talent Under Two Thousand.. Music was life and crocheting was put on the backburner until 2007 when she found herself living in Texas and the internet went out at the house. She was forced to pick back up the hook to pass time. It was then when crocheting took on a new meaning. At this time, Gina was traveling and working on the road. Sometimes up to 8 hours a day in a van, this left plenty of time to hone her crocheting skills. Eventually, a few years later in 2011, she made it back to Eureka Springs. It was during this time when her crocheting evolved into art. This has continued over the years yet now she is still traveling across the country but with her crochet! She was invited to showcase her work at Vogue Knitting Live, Coast to coast and has crocheted many art pieces for her community and friends. From Parades, to buildings, costumes, and even food! Now based in Fayetteville, AR, she is crocheting larger than life installations and environments to help keep a small hook and yarn exciting and new