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Virtual Sketchbook Club: Dennis McCann


Learn how to master one of the more difficult subjects in art—cloth. Join us as we explore techniques in drawing fabric and drapery with guest instructor and Little Rock-based artist Dennis McCann. Guests are encouraged to set up a small fabric still life at home, which can be an article of clothing draped over a chair or hung on the wall.

Dennis McCann

Supplies (Instructor recommendations in parenthesis):

  • Paper or sketchbook
  • Charcoal (pencils, vine, and compressed)
  • Eraser
  • Optional: white charcoal pencil and desk lamp for directional lighting

Free, register online or with Guest Services at 479.657.2335. Once registered, participants will receive an email with information about the event and the Zoom link.

About CB Sketchbook Club

An evening of sketching and discussion with our online creative community! Each week guests will be led through an introductory drawing exercise by a guest artist. Grab your sketchbook or some loose paper and a pencil or pen for this hour-long class that offers the chance to relax and connect digitally with friends as you explore the creative practice of sketching. Sketching offers the freedom to experiment with materials, themes, techniques, and to record the things that inspire you!