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Qigong Meditation and Sound Bathing

Class/Workshop Health/Wellness
Frank Lloyd Wright House Lawn
$30 ($24 for members)
This event has passed

The body is like a garden– it must be maintained and nurtured!

Qigong, pronounced “chi gong,” is made up of two words: qi (“life force energy”) and gong (“work or skill”). Together, the words describe the traditional Chinese practice of cultivating energy– a system practiced for health maintenance, healing, and increased vitality.

Surround yourself with nature and join Lauren Gordon and Sonic Bloom as they guide you through gentle stretches, breathwork, flowing movements, and a relaxing sound bath to heal the soul.

Tickets are $30 ($24 for members), reserve your spot online or with Guest Services at (479) 657-2335 today.

About the Instructor 

Lauren is a native of Chicago, where she received 600 hours of Shiatsu training at the prestigious Ohashiatsu Institute. She has been a massage therapist and has worked in the spa industry for almost 20 years. Lauren brings with her a wealth of experience in both eastern & western massage modalities. Lauren also teaches weekly Qigong classes and often co-hosts Qigong and sound bath workshops with Sonic Bloom at Yoga Story in Bentonville.