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Julie Alpert: Altars, Keepsakes, Squiggles, and Bows

Contemporary Art Gallery
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Step into the imaginative world of artist Julie Alpert in a new, site-specific installation: Altars, Keepsakes, Squiggles, and Bows. For this immersive exhibition, Alpert transforms a section of Crystal Bridges’ Contemporary Art Gallery into a spectacle of pattern, color, and shapes like bows, drips, roses, hearts, hashtags, and jazz hands using painted wood, collage, and modified household objects.

The colorful space tackles themes of nostalgia, girlhood, keepsakes, and staging. Alpert is interested in the things we collect and arrange that become imbued with meaning and the repetitive, daily chores we perform in an attempt to care for ourselves and our spaces. Each moment in the 88-foot-long sequence acts as an altar to the everyday object with flashes of surreal, subconscious imagery.

Julie Alpert: Altars, Keepsakes, Squiggles, and Bows; pink, blue, green, and other bright colors in julie alpert's installation in the contemporary art gallery
Photo by Ironside Photography / Stephen Ironside.

According to the artist, “This piece was developed through stream-of-consciousness drawings, borrowing motifs and methods from my previous installations over the last 15 years. I want visitors to feel the joy and strangeness of life and memory all at once.”

Julie Alpert: Altars, Keepsakes, Squiggles, and Bows is free for all to view.

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