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Gallery Conversation: Jonathan González

Early American Gallery
This event has passed

This event has been rescheduled from its original date to February 12.

Join artist Jonathan González in the Early American Art Galleries for a conversation about their performance installation Perejil, occurring daily at the Momentary as part of our focus exhibition Entre/Between. Come meet the artist near the exhibition in the galleries at Crystal Bridges, get to know the person behind the art, and experience your museum in a new way.

Free, no tickets required.

Jonathan Gonzalez Headshot

About Perejil

In 1937, Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo ordered the deaths of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent along the two nations’ borders. Over the course of five to eight days, 12,000 to 35,000 were killed based on how they pronounced the word “perejil,” or “parsley” in Spanish, and how their pronunciation of the “r” gave away their Haitian Kreyol mother tongue. González’s durational duet for two—one performer and a body of parsley-mycelial bricks—reflect on this massacre as performers construct and dismantle a brick wall into a river formation almost endlessly, coupled by speech acts that reflect on this historical wound which continues to impact the physical and psychological borders between Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Euro-American acts of intervention. Composing an immersive environment that weaves sound, projection, sculpture, and performance, Perejil seeks to provide a space for visitors to contemplate these independent and geographically interconnected Latin American nations with bonded Afro-Latin diasporic heritages and diasporic futures in a globalized present.

About Jonathan González

Jonathan González facilitates their work through the entity studio:cero. González’s pedagogical investments and creative practice are situated at the intersections of performance, with an attention to the interrelations of insurgent aesthetics, political economy, black study and embodiment. González‘s creative works unfold as performance for text and choreography, video art, sonic soundscapes, and platforms for collaborative study, arts advocacy, lecture and curation. These works are activated within the sites of theatrical spaces, galleries and museums, virtual spaces, and printed matter.

Their pedagogy extends from their creative practice, adapting methods of ethnography, lecture and gathering to engender experimentation towards otherwise modalities of collaboration, representation and political education. González’s writings have been published by EAR | WAVE | EVENT, Dance/NYC, Regiones:CENTRAL, Movement Research Journal, Contemporaryand, The Creative Independent, Contact Quarterly, Cultured Magazine, deem journal, Angela’s Pulse, among others. They have been a recipient of fellowships from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Art Matters Foundation as well as a resident-artist with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography, Dance and Process: The Kitchen, Trinidad Performance Institute, Center for Afro-futurist Studies and Loghaven Artist Residency.

About Entre/Between

This event is a part of our focus exhibition Entre/Between, a multi-sited exhibition presenting works that speak to Latinx histories living within and between the United States. Surveying a visual history from 1851 to the present, the exhibition consists of paintings, photos, sculpture, works on paper, and video exhibited at Crystal Bridges, while video works and performances will be featured at the Momentary.

Entre/Between is sponsored by Phillips.