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Hope Beyond Boundaries

Community Conversation
Great Hall
Ticket Prices Vary
This event has passed

Join us for a transformative day at Crystal Bridges, filled with education and participation regarding NWA’s 1st Black Historic Site.

Delve into discussions about the landscape the district occupies, what land ownership looks like, and the history of Blackness in its particular space and how it relates to the NWA regional municipalities.

Discover NWABH‘s impact on the preservation of culture and history in NWA and the community responses.

Engage in conversations about Resistance & Regeneration and how it has brought us to this point.

Explore the Cultural Recovery Process and discuss how supporting Black imagination of contemporary life and dismantling unpublished systems support cultural regeneration.

Participate in the naming process for the new Black Historic District.

Learn from experts on how visions come to life and how to sustain them.

This event is a unique opportunity to celebrate and contribute to the narrative of cultural preservation and regeneration in Northwest Arkansas.

Celebrate the contributions of Black property owners and all those who have supported NWABH‘s mission.

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Ticket price offerings include free options to support community access, $20, or $50. All proceeds will support NWABH. Reserve your spot online or with Guest Services at (479) 657-2335 to reserve your spot today.