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Cross Pollination: Heade, Cole, Church, and Our Contemporary Moment


The exhibition Cross Pollination: Heade, Cole, Church, and Our Contemporary Moment, features approximately 80 works of art plus photographs and natural history specimens from the artists’ collections. This interdisciplinary project takes flight from the influential series of paintings The Gems of Brazil (1863-64) by Martin Johnson Heade, and expands outward to explore pollination in nature and ecology, cultural and artistic influence and exchange, and the interconnection between art and science extending from the nineteenth century to now.

Support for this exhibition and its national tour is provided by Art Bridges. 

Additional major support has been provided by the Henry Luce Foundation.

View of Mt. Etna by Thomas Cole
Thomas Cole (1801-1848), View of Mt. Etna, 1842, Oil on canvas, 32 × 48 in., Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, 2007.11, Photography by Dwight Primiano