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CB to You Mobile Art Lab: Fayetteville

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CB to You Mobile Art Lab

Energizing Community Through Art!

Fayetteville, the CB to You Mobile Art Lab is returning to your neighborhood!

Join us this November at the St. James Baptist Church Community Food Pantry (115 S Willow Ave) for three days of creativity and conversation focused on energizing communities through art. Each day of the visit will feature different activities and artists, as well as pop-up performances throughout the evening and weekend.

From artmaking and Storycircles to artist talks and live studio demonstrations, this traveling celebration of creativity promises to bring a little bit of inspired fun to everyone. Each stop will culminate in a free outdoor concert and community art showcase.

Join us in celebrating your hometown by creating art, stories, and memories together!

Free, no ticket required.

Activity Details

Thursday, November 18

Activities from 3:30 to 6:30 PM

Artist of the Day: Lakisha Harper Bradley and Xavier Smith

Lakisha and Xavier will be on-site from 3:30 to 6:30 PM and will be introducing guests to a therapeutic art studio experience involving acrylic paint. Following the art activity, the artists will lead a discussion inspired by their own experiences with community, belonging, and resilience. Xavier will be taking family portraits throughout the day, and pictures will be made available digitally to all participants.

Lakisha is a Social Practice Artist, Executive Director and Founder of MY-T-BY-DESIGN Therapeutic Art Studios located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She uses a variety of painting mediums and uses art-making as a way to experience and release euphoric emotions.

Lakisha Bradley

Xavier is a photographer based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He views photography as an opportunity to take up the role as a historian, capturing meaningful moments in time through documentation.

Xavier recently graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Master’s in Counseling. He believes the art of photography can be therapeutic and expressive, looking towards future work to help inspire self-compassion and overall well-being in mental health. Xavier sees connecting with people and learning about their journey through life as an important and enjoyable aspect of his practice.

Photographer Xavier Smith
Photographer Xavier Smith
Guitarist Craig Colorusso
Guitarist Craig Colorusso

An extra pop-up performance will be given by artist Craig Colorusso! Craig will perform Ladybug Cathedral at the church from 4 – 6 PM! Using a bowed guitar, Craig’s Ladybug Cathedral is a long, slow, and deliberate performance that invites listeners to just listen and let the sound wash over them. Craig is a sound-based artist whose explorative work extends beyond sound and utilizes light and sculpture. In the past five years, Colorusso has combined his interests in the permanent and semi-permanent works: Sound Swings, Moon Pod, Covered Bridge ONE, and The Tunnel.

Friday, November 19

Activities from 3:30 to 6:30 PM

Artist of the Day:  MacKenzie Turner and Trinity Kai

Trinity and MacKenzie will be on-site from 3:30 to 6:30 PM and will be introducing guests to a cyanotype activity using light-sensitive prepared paper and community-based objects, as well as a project carving air-dry clay. Following the art activities, the artists will lead an discussion inspired by their own experiences with community, belonging, and resilience.

Trinity creates work using her own personal narrative and examines systems of discrimination that exist within society. She creates through self-portraiture, written language, and materiality to share her experiences and bring viewers into conversations that can be reflective and transformational.

Kai Trinity

MacKenzie is an artist who works primarily in ceramics. Their work speaks of the people, personal stories, and natural beauty remembered from growing up in small towns in Arkansas and Missouri.

Artist Mackenzie Turner
Saturday, November 20

Activities from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Artists of the Day: Junli Song and Xavier Smith

On Saturday, we have a day full of artists and performances! Kicking off the fun-filled day will be our artists-of-the-day, Junli Song and Xavier Smith! Junli is a storyteller and uses visual narratives to explore the cultural ambiguities of being Chinese American. Her work reveals how identity is fluid as inherited stories and traditions are continually evolving. Junli will be on-site from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and will be introducing guests to a printmaking activity. Following the art activity,  the artists will lead a discussion at inspired by their own experiences with community, belonging, and resilience. Xavier will be taking family portraits throughout the day, and pictures will be made available digitally to all participants.

Junli Song
Papa Rap and the Fun Love Drum Circle

An extra pop-up performance will be given by Papa Rap and the fun love drum circle! Papa Rap will be performing alongside Bongo Luigi Vazquez and together they will teach everyone about different drum rhythms and cultures through reading stories, hands-on activities, singing and dancing!

Papa Rap, also known as Al Lopez, is a Puerto Rican musician who connects communities through music-making and performances. The goal of his music is to encourage understanding and togetherness through educational and fun lyricism!

Poet Robyn Jordan
Poet Robyn Jordan

After the artist hours, storytelling events will be led by guest poets and storytellers Robyn Jordan and Stacy Harper (L.I.F.E.) from Poetic Justice: Speak Your Jewel! and Dextra Rodriguez from the Open Mouth Reading Series.

Robyn Jordan is a performing artist and promoter. As a fervent networker and self-taught dancer of over 15 years, she wants to eliminate barriers for women of color and heighten a sense of belonging and security in the creative arts community for BIPOC, underserved women and genderqueer people. Inspired by fluidity and duality, Jordan enjoys fostering safe and inclusive environments that empower others to express themselves freely and authentically.

artist Stacy Harper

Stacy Harper, also known as L.I.F.E, is an accomplished business owner in Northwest Arkansas, community leader, writer/poet, actress, childrens singer and songwriter, motivational speaker, and youth advocate specializing in working with at-risk teens. She is the creator of poetry and paint’s “Speak Your Jewel”.

Poetic Justice: Speak Your Jewel! is sponsored by the local nonprofit organization Light House Solutions. Speak your Jewel is a diverse group of Social Artists within the NWA area. They come from all different walks of life to spark courage and participation within the community. Their artists are known for activating their jewels through dance, poetry, singing, painting and acting to deliver the power of their stories. Their mission is to help people believe humanity and divinity are one within us and their mantra is: You must never suffocate the genius that lies within you.

Poet Dextra Rodriguez
Poet Dextra Rodriguez

Dexta Rodriguez is a lifelong Arkansawyer and writer. She first received accolades and a monetary prize for her poetry when she was in second grade. Dexta teaches art history and composition on the university level. She has most recently written on falling in love (at a certain age) against the backdrop of the pandemic. She is also working on writings that integrate NPR stories into the minutia of daily life and a benefit performance to benefit abused women.

Open Mouth Reading Series is a community-based literary organization located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They have partnered with local organizations to bring engaging and creative events, programming, experiences, exchanges, content, and dialogues to Northwest Arkansas. OM hosts monthly readings and writing workshops as well as many other writing and engagement opportunities for poets and community members.

As an added bit of literary fun, Fayetteville Public Library’s Pop-Up Library will be joining in on the CB to You festivities from 11 AM to 2:30 PM. Guests will have the chance to sign up for a library card, check out books, learn about library programs and services, and more!

Fayetteville Public Library Logo

Then, for the finale of the tour, CB to You invites you to a live music gathering and talk at 12:30 PM,  presented by Minister Monique Jones and Music Moves.

Join Minister Monique Jones as she welcomes the community and kicks off the Music Moves concert with a brief opening talk about the mission, history, and outreach of St. James Baptist Church. The concert follows the talk at 1 p.m.

Music Moves is dedicated to exposing local, regional, and national communities to the extraordinary contributions of Black people in all genres of music. Music Moves develops curriculum, interactive programs, and performances to share the stories of these individuals and their influence on American culture. Our mission is to make African American music accessible to students and to our communities through performance and education.

Don’t forget to pick up a free art kit to take home with you!

Minister Monique Jones
Minister Monique Jones

About CB to You

The CB to You Mobile Art Lab is a traveling pop-up art experience energizing the power of community through art. Featuring regional artists from across Northwest Arkansas, the art lab will be visiting local libraries and festivals around the region to bring artmaking, music, storytelling, and more. Find out more about the program, see a full schedule of stops, and get to know our guest artists here!

The CB to You Mobile Art Lab is presented in partnership with Ziba Rijabi, Markeith Woods, Lakisha Harper Bradley, Trinity Kai, Tay Butler, and Junli Song. Pop-up performances will be performed by Papa Rap’s the fun love drum line, Craig Colorusso’s Lady Bug Cathedral Sessions, and Music Moves. Story sharing events are presented with Ozark Poets and Writers Collective, Open Mouth Reading Series, and Poetic Justice: Speak Your Jewel!