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CB to You Mobile Art Lab at Squire Jehagen Center Back to School Extravaganza

No Ticket Required
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Join us August 6 for the Squire Jehagen Center and Community Back to School Extravaganza! This event takes place at the Yvonne Richardson Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and is collecting donations of school supplies. The CB to You Mobile Lab will be hosting drop-in art activities for families to enjoy. We’ll also be hosting local artists Junli Song and the Mobile Print Cart and guest DJs curated by Her Set Her Sound.


Joining the Mobile Art Lab is an opportunity to explore a “gallery on wheels” via an ORT bus, curated by nonprofit art gallery, Art Ventures, in collaboration with Crystal Bridges Arts & Social Impact partners Ozark Regional Transit Authority and artists Lakisha Harper Bradley and Octavio Logo. The “gallery on wheels” asks visitors what would be better routes to support freedom of mobility? “Where To” would you like to go on public transportation? Please stop by the ORT bus and let us know what you think about transportation, fill out our digital survey, and pick up a free watercolor illustration by Octavio Logo!

Free, no tickets required.


About CB to You

The CB to You Mobile Art Lab is a traveling pop-up art experience energizing the power of community through art. Featuring regional artists from across Northwest Arkansas, the art lab will be visiting local libraries and festivals around the region to bring artmaking, music, storytelling, and more. Find out more about the program, see a full schedule of stops, and get to know our guest artists and partners!