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Beeple’s HUMAN ONE embraces both digital video and a three-dimensional sculptural form to present an explorer walking through endlessly transforming landscapes.

Emblematic of the twenty-first century and its relationship to digital technologies, this artwork is linked to an NFT, or non-fungible token, that lives as a unique object on a blockchain, or an online decentralized ledger.

On view for the first time in a US museum, HUMAN ONE’s explorer asks viewers to look closely at the worlds they encounter. The explorer walks through imagined landscapes ranging from those inspired by terrains in our own world, like alpine mountains, to those that reach deep into the worlds of dreams and popular culture to reimagine what forms landscapes can take.

The work’s form frames the explorer’s walk across these worlds as if viewers can walk into the scene and join in on the everlasting search.

A kinetic sculpture, HUMAN ONE stays in motion twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The environment’s lighting changes in response to the time of day and scenic updates are made by Beeple, who has committed to making these changes for the rest of his life, every time the work is installed in a new location. The artist invites you to search for clues hidden within the artwork that will help you unlock new NFTs—learn more at

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