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Community Film Screening: State of the Unity with Arkansas Cinema Society

Community Conversation Film
Great Hall
This event has passed

In a time when society is deeply frayed by division and when civic engagement is waning we invite you to join us in this groundbreaking evening of film and music.

We will be presenting the award-winning film State of the Unity alongside a Q&A with Directors Jillian Speece and Nathaniel Paul Hoff. After the Q&A discussion Speece and Hoff (known as The Bergamot band) will perform two live songs from the original soundtrack.

This event will focus on civic engagement, freedom in democracy and the role art plays in healing our divided nation. Be a part of this innovative presentation of film and music that took Directors Speece and Hoff eight years to create.

Recently, State of the Unity was presented at 38 film festivals (nationally and internationally) and won 20 prestigious awards including the Grand Jury Award and Best Feature Documentary at the prestigious Las Cruces International Film Festival.

State of the Unity landed a Northern America distribution deal with Freestyle Digital Media, a division of Allen Media Group in Los Angeles. State of the Unity has been seen in Variety, LA Times, DocNYC and more.

You can follow the journey at and as well as on Instagram @thebergamot and Facebook @TheBergamot

Free with registration.