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Summer Teacher Institute: The African American Experience

Crystal Bridges Museum
$50 Materials Fee
This event has passed

Monday to Friday, July 19-23, 2021

The African American Experience

What voices are being heard in your classroom? It’s all too easy to crowd out marginalized perspectives, to relegate Black voices to grim and grainy photographs. If you’re an educator looking to make room for the African American experience in your curriculum, if you’re ready to encounter Black voices and perspectives through art in your classroom, then this is the Summer Institute for you.

Early American Art Gallery

Open to teachers of all subject areas, this week-long, virtual PD session will cover how to better facilitate rich discussions rooted in African American lived experience and how to encounter that perspective in your curriculum through art. You’ll engage with the work of Black artists and scholars like W.E.B. Du Bois and learn strategies and methodologies that will help you facilitate rich discussions and get the most from your classroom conversations. Worried about the pace? Dedicated practice time with your fellow participants, light homework, and daily office hours will ensure that you walk away from every session with confidence and skills you can apply in your next lesson.

Don’t let your lessons limit the story of the African American Experience.

Summer Teacher Institutes are virtual, presented via Zoom.

Note: Summer Institute is free, but there is a $50 materials fee due upon registration. 30 hours of PD credit available.

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