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Volunteer Spotlight: Paige Jernigan

Get to know a little more about this month’s Volunteer Spotlight: Paige Jernigan!


Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Pine Bluff, but have spent my adult life in NYC and London. We bought a house in Bentonville in 2014 so that our three boys, born and raised in London, could spend summers there exploring nature, getting dirty, and spending time with family. I am an ex-banker, working on an amazing startup called Everest Effect which helps folks recover from crises, and I am foremost a mom.



With my boys, I love biking, hiking, cooking, eating, and taking them to Crystal Bridges. Alone, I love to garden and take long walks with a book or podcast.


Favorite books? Movies? TV shows?

My latest favorite movie is Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption; I just finished Ann Patchett’s Truth and Beauty; during our NY COVID lockdown, I watched Schitt’s Creek and finished it; Podcast: This American Life episode, “The Trail of Tears.”


Favorite places in Northwest Arkansas?

My mid-century modern house, Crystal Bridges, and anywhere on my bike.


Favorite artwork(s) or space(s) at the museum?

The building is my favorite work of art! When taking my boys, we each choose a piece we would take home if we could. It has sparked the best conversations (and arguments) and keeps them engaged!


In what ways have you been involved as a volunteer with the museum thus far?

I love volunteering with Avant Gardeners; I’ve learned so much, and love being outdoors. The most challenging volunteering I’ve done is writing about works I’ve enjoyed.


What prompted you to become a volunteer?

It’s an opportunity to give back to an organization that doesn’t charge admission and makes their labels accessible to different languages. That thoughtfulness and generosity helps give access to more people.


What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

It’s an amazing way to learn more about the work of various artists, learn about everything going on at CB, and meet others. I only wish I had time to volunteer more!


What have you learned from—or how have you been personally affected by—your experience with the museum?

It can be such a complicated effort to get to museums in big cities. Crystal Bridges allows us to spend time with only a few pieces per visit.


Do you have a funny or inspirational story you can briefly tell about your volunteer experience?  Please share with us!

I volunteered at a Moshe Safdie talk. Soon thereafter, I saw him at an airport, gave him a high-five, and told him Crystal Bridges is his masterpiece. He laughed and agreed! Another time, I walked by Alice Walton, showed her my nametag, and she gave me a high-five!


Do you have any advice for individuals considering volunteering with Crystal Bridges?

Go for it. There is something for everyone.