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Volunteer Spotlight: Ken Brockland

volunteer ken brockland

Get to know a little more about this month’s Volunteer Spotlight: Ken Brockland!


Where are you from?

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri (City Museum is a must!) but I have called many places home including
Kobe, Japan, Suzhou, China, and Seattle, Washington.


How did you end up in Northwest Arkansas?

While work brought me here, the community has kept me here.


Where do you volunteer?

Since I am also a rebellious younger sibling, I mostly volunteer at the Momentary.


What have you most enjoyed about being a volunteer at Crystal Bridges and/or the Momentary?

Number one would definitely be the people and the inclusive sense of community among staff, volunteers, and guests. A distant second would be the opportunity to dance to the music of Trombone Shorty with friends after my shift at FreshGrass!

trombone shorty on stage at freshgrass at the momentary
Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue performs during the FreshGrass Bentonville Music Festival 2021 at the Momentary, presented by FreshGrass Foundation In Bentonville Arkansas. Photo by Douglas Mason.
gallery view of diana al-hadid: ash in the trade winds
Diana Al-Hadid: Ash in the Trade Winds at the Momentary. Photo by Ironside Photography / Stephen Ironside.

What’s your favorite artwork or space at Crystal Bridges and/or the Momentary?

The most mesmerizing for me was Diana Al-Hadid: Ash in the Trade Winds exhibition. I was absolutely enthralled by the sculptures, especially Self Delusions.

What do you do to relax?

I would say mountain biking, but while I enjoy the ride, I would not call flying over the handlebars relaxing. To unwind, you’ll find me on a park bench somewhere around town strumming the guitar and humming tunes.


What would an ideal day in Northwest Arkansas look like for you?

Maybe I lack imagination, but just a slow Saturday: farmers market, brunch, a few miles on the trails, and a meaningful conversation over a pint of beer. Sunshine would help, too!


What’s your secret super skill?

It’s so secret that I haven’t yet been told what it is. Probably my best-kept secret is I used to be a competitive scratch DJ (yes, when we still carried milk crates full of vinyl).


If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Probably a sappy set, but 1) for everyone to treat each other with civility all the time; 2) for a solution to the
climate crisis; and 3) for my father to win his battle with cancer.