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Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Cherry

image of volunteer janet cherry in front of the fly's eye dome on the trails

Get to know a little more about this month’s Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Cherry!


Where are you from?

I was born in Springdale the same day Sam Walton held the grand opening for his very first Walmart store in Rogers. My mother was mad at me until the day she died for making her miss this epic event.


How did you end up in Northwest Arkansas?

I left Arkansas after graduating from Springdale High School and joined the US Air Force, where it was my pleasure to serve. I moved home 24 years later and love living in Northwest Arkansas once again.


What have you most enjoyed about being a volunteer at Crystal Bridges and/or the Momentary?

I’m a people person and enjoy volunteering because it gives me the chance to talk to guests about where they’re from and what brings them to Northwest Arkansas. I love touting all the wonderful things about Crystal Bridges, the Momentary, and the area in general. I’ve met some wonderful people: guests, staff, and fellow volunteers!


What’s your favorite artwork or space at Crystal Bridges and/or the Momentary?

As a native of the area, I grew up going to Beaver Lake to camp, swim, and boat. I’m very much a water person, so I absolutely love Silver Upper White River by Maya Lin. It reminds me of happy times with my brother and why I love the Ozarks.


Where do you volunteer? If you volunteer in many different capacities, which shift do you like best?

I’m a relatively new volunteer and have tried out a few different roles. I particularly enjoy greeting people in the lobby and helping them plan their day at Crystal Bridges. I recently did my first shift in the Studio which I enjoyed just as much since I love other people’s little kids.


What do you do to relax?

I’m a scuba diver and yes, I’ve made many dives in Beaver Lake and usually take a mesh bag with me to pick up trash. I once found an Apple Watch in 30 feet of water and it still worked! I also am an avid knitter and am currently perfecting hats—making pom poms is a particular blast. I like to listen to audiobooks while knitting—it’s the perfect combination for me.


What would an ideal day in Northwest Arkansas look like for you?

My husband Chris and I enjoy taking our dog Barney on random road trips throughout NWA and the Ozarks to see what we can find! Another favorite activity for me is riding my bike on the many trails available in the area. You might even see me riding to the museum for a volunteer shift one day.


What’s your secret super skill?

My not-all-that-secret skill is organization, which may have been noticed after the first time I worked in the Studio space. I organize everything, from closets to trips to lives. Hit me up sometime, I’ll come over and help you throw stuff away.


If you had three wishes, what would they be?

I hope that people stop to think before purchasing items made overseas. My scuba diver self is very concerned about our oceans and climate. My three wishes? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.