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Volunteer Spotlight: Harry Cole

Harry Cole, volunteer
Harry Cole

Get to know a little more about this month’s Volunteer Spotlight: Harry Cole!

Harry Cole, volunteer
Harry Cole

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Rogers, Arkansas and went to college in California. In college, I developed a passion for art, art history, and architecture. Since returning to Arkansas after graduating this past spring, I’ve enjoyed being around family and spending more time with the Crystal Bridges collection.


I love hiking, cycling, and just spending time outdoors. I also love discovering new music and am looking forward to going to concerts again post-pandemic.

Favorite books? Movies? TV shows?

My favorite novel is Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. Recently, I discovered the videos of Indigenous artist Sky Hopinka and have been thinking about his work a lot.

Favorite places in Northwest Arkansas?

My favorite place to get coffee is Iron Horse Coffee Company in Rogers. I’ve also been biking the Razorback Greenway and have a deep appreciation for all the public parks and trail systems in the area.

Favorite artwork(s) or space(s) at the museum?

Alma Thomas’s Lunar Rendezvous–Circle of Flowers.

In what ways have you been involved as a volunteer with the museum thus far?

I’ve spent most of my time volunteering at the museum’s library.

What prompted you to become a volunteer?

I’m interested in exploring careers in the arts and humanities.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

I enjoy interacting with visitors and helping them find books. I’m always curious to know what interests different users of the library and what they’re reading.

What have you learned from—or how have you been personally affected by—your experience with the museum?

Lifelong learning about art matters a lot to me and volunteering here has given me the opportunity to do that.

Do you have a funny or inspirational story you can briefly tell about your volunteer experience?  Please share with us!

Everything Jeanne Besaw, the director of library services, does and says is an inspiration!

Do you have any advice for individuals considering volunteering with Crystal Bridges?

Enjoy. Be confident about your own skills and what you can contribute.