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April 19, 2018
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May 1, 2018
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New Podcast Episode! Museum in Bloom

The third episode of our new podcast series, Museum Way, is available now! On this episode, we’re talking about two of our favorite things: art and nature. We hear from Field Horticulturalist Cody George about preparing our trails and grounds for spring, and we meet Curatorial Assistant Dylan Turk to learn about the new focused exhibition, The Garden. Listen here!

Field Horticulturalist Cody George


Appreciation for nature is central to the mission of Crystal Bridges. We’re situated on 120 acres of native Ozark forest which include natural springs, streams, a host of native plants and animals, and more! Our dedicated Trails and Grounds team are committed to the use of native plants in the landscape, and work year-round to keep the grounds beautiful and healthy for all to enjoy. On this episode, Cody tells us what it means to be a Field Horticulturalist, how the team prepares for a busy spring season, when to see the dogwoods in bloom, and animals you might come across on the trails. If you haven’t been out on the grounds of Crystal Bridges, now is the time!

More than 3.5 miles of trails wind through the museum grounds, providing guests with access to the beautiful Ozark landscape. Designed to spark the imagination, the trails help guests form connections to the land and its history, as well as enjoy outdoor artworks. Learn more here.


Curatorial Assistant Dylan Turk


The Garden is a free, focused exhibition that blurs boundaries between the galleries and the museum grounds, immersing you in a world of flowers. Hear from Dylan Turk on what a focused exhibition is, how the idea for The Garden came about, and what to expect when you visit!

Through the centuries, the garden has inspired artists to try different techniques, from abstraction to paintings, wallpaper to sculpture, and more. In The Garden, you’ll discover how artists in the Crystal Bridges collection such as Martin Johnson Heade and Andy Warhol, alongside contemporary artists such as Jessica Pezalla and Kendell Carter, view the natural world.  Full of color, charm, and character, The Garden will bring your visit into full bloom.

Paper Flowers: Jessica Pezalla, “Unfading Flowers” (2018) Statue: Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, Depicted: Desha Delteil, 1890s – 1980 Roses of Yesterday, modeled 1923; cast 1924-1940

Miriam Schapiro, “A Mayan Garden” (1984)

Kendall Carter, “The Emmys in Gucci for Taraji” (2018)



Crystal Bridges Interpretation Manager Stace Treat is the host of Museum Way. New episodes of the podcast are launched each month! Subscribe to be the first to listen, and head over to our social media channels to let us know what you’d like to hear on future episodes.

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