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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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March 28, 2018
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April 2, 2018
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Giant Bunny Spotted on Museum Grounds

A startling discovery was made early this morning as our Protection Services team monitored cameras along the museum trails and grounds. Alongside Tony Tassett’s 12-foot-tall Deer in the North Forest was what appeared to be a giant bunny.

Frozen in disbelief, Protection Services could only stare as the abnormally large animal hopped from the Deer, down the trails, and across the North Lawn to the Fly’s Eye Dome.

From the dome, it traveled to Leo Villareal’s Buckyball, taking a moment to relax on the benches before continuing down Orchard Trail.



At the Frank Lloyd Wright House, the bunny made a friend in resident museum cat, Hamish, who seemed unsure about the creature at first, but eventually tagged along.



The two new friends made their way to Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture, and continued on to James Turrell’s Skyspace before stopping by Nancy Schön’s Tortoise and Hare. Seemingly excited to find one of its own, the bunny paused to chat with the hare, giving it a hug before turning away.

Just as mysteriously as it arrived, the bunny disappeared from the cameras, last seen hopping down Crystal Bridges Trail toward the sunrise.

Protection Services called in Field Horticulturalist Cody George to examine the footage. “We see a lot of critters here on the trails,” said George. “But this…this is like nothing I’ve seen before.”

Our teams are investigating the mysterious appearance, and feels confident they’ll get to the bottom of the phenomena.

“We luckily have a key witness in Hamish,” said Director of Operations Scott Eccleston. “Though he seems unwilling to reveal his friend.”

When asked for a comment, Hamish turned up his tail and made his way to the North Forest, where he promptly fell asleep beneath the Deer—perhaps waiting for his friend to return.


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