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Frankly, this Virtual Graphic Design Show from the U of A School of Art 2020 Seniors is Awesome

For example, William Clift, a student designer from Joplin, MO, expressed his truth that “frankly, everybody deserves to exercise their voice in their community.” After interviewing residents in his hometown who were eager to participate in community organizing but not sure how to fit it into their schedules, Clift developed the idea of a system called Community Blueprint, a virtual meeting platform with a sleekly designed interface.

In another example, Hannah Rainer, a student designer from Texarkana, TX, expressed her truth that “frankly, kids have anxiety, too.” After some extensive research and concept development, Rainer’s degree project focuses on providing more mental health support for kids through a mindfulness subscription box. InsideOut, for kids ages 6-11, is a concept box equipped with activity cards, books, toys, and more that help kids manage their stress and anxiety through practicing mindfulness.


Discover each student, their project, and their design concepts in the virtual show, Frankly.


“Regardless of where our paths lead us in the future,” the students have stated, “our time together at the University of Arkansas has shaped us into dynamic, forward-thinking designers eager to tackle any design problem thrown our way.”

The University of Arkansas School of Art Class of 2020

The University of Arkansas School of Art Class of 2020


Tour the virtual show and learn more about the students here. [P.S. – the virtual show works best using a Firefox browser.]

Read the UA Newswire release here.


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