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Exploring Architecture: What’s Up with the Roofs?

Finally, there is the roof on top of the Museum Store, where there is no copper to be seen. The top of the Store is simple and unobtrusive when compared to the monumental concrete and metal structures around it. It really seems to just blend with the surrounding landscape, which makes sense—it’s a “green roof.” Several different plants (and the occasional bit of wildlife) populate the Store roof throughout the year, creating a pleasant natural transition from architecture to nature.

So, if you have a chance to visit Crystal Bridges, don’t forget to take a moment to look away from the artwork and gaze up. No matter where you are, you’ll probably see something pretty neat.

Take a tour of Crystal Bridges with Museum founder and board chairwoman Alice Walton and architect Moshe Safdie as they reminisce about the process of designing a museum with the goal of uniting art, nature, and architecture on Crystal Bridges YouTube Channel.