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Crystal Bridges Offers Color-Blind Glasses for Guests

Crystal Bridges recently received 60 pairs of color-blind glasses thanks to funding from a sponsor in an effort to increase museum accessibility for our guests who are color blind. When they walk through the galleries wearing the glasses, guests who are color blind will be able to see new colors and details when looking at our artworks*. The glasses are available for check-out at the front desk.

The color-blind glasses were made by a company called EnChroma. To learn more about them, visit their website. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and several other museums already partner with EnChroma in similar ways.


Options for Color-Blind Glasses

We have two kinds of glasses: indoor and outdoor viewing, so you can view artworks at Crystal Bridges both in the galleries and around the grounds and North Forest at Color Field. They are marked accordingly. We also have two sizes available: adult and youth. There will be one pair of fit-over glasses for guests who wear regular glasses. Lanyards will be placed on the back of all of the glasses to prevent guests from dropping them.


Glasses Experience at Crystal Bridges

One of our guests recently took a tour through Crystal Bridges using the glasses. He is color blind and only sees in sepia tones. Because he has not previously been able to see color, the glasses influenced the depth and texture of the artworks he viewed. Different details in various artworks popped out at him, and when he viewed the Keith Haring sculpture on Walker Landing, he saw that it was red for the first time.

Two-Headed Figure by Keith Haring. On Walker Landing.

Two-Headed Figure by Keith Haring. On Walker Landing.


We are eager to continue our mission of providing world-class art, architecture, and nature to all visitors through the support of access and inclusion partners and their products. Crystal Bridges thanks EnChroma for the color-blind glasses and Neff and Scarlett Basore for their continued support of the museum.


*Please keep in mind that there are several forms of color blindness. We cannot guarantee that the glasses will have the same effect or provide the same experience for every guest.