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Crystal Bridges and the Momentary on Current Times and Committing to Being an Antiracist Institution

Aerial view of Crystal Bridges campus with blue tint
Aerial view of Crystal Bridges campus with blue tint

Since the attacks on the US Capitol, Crystal Bridges and the Momentary have been reflecting on our country’s crisis of culture. The symbols of racism brandished by rioters and the artwork honoring problematic historical figures inside the Capitol building were chilling reminders that there is still much work ahead of us. These recurring acts of violence and underlying issues are deeply harmful to our democracy and especially to communities of color. 

As we look for a brighter path forward, the first step is to honor our commitment to being an antiracist institution and call out discrimination, injustice, and white supremacy when we see it. On the eve of the inauguration, we stand with our community and colleagues in calling for peace and justice. As a cultural institution, we provide space for civil discourse, offer historical perspectives, lift up marginalized voices, and carry forth the work of promoting equality. 

As part of that effort, Crystal Bridges and the Momentary are launching In Real Time, a series of programs created to address current issues affecting our community. Programs will include lectures, community conversations, open mics, and more, alongside developing additional educational resources and highlighting art in our collection that raises social consciousness and empowers change. More information will be available online when program speakers and dates are confirmed. In the meantime, here are more resources to help our community process recent events: 

“At this dark junction in our nation’s history, museums must lean into their missions and step up to the challenge ahead of us by fighting against white supremacy through educating our communities, building empathy, combating disinformation, and uplifting the stories and voices that have endured in the margins. As interpreters and educators of history and culture, museums and museum professionals have the power to uphold democracy and democratic norms, call out bigotry and hate, and fight for racial justice.”



Rod and Lieven 

Rod Bigelow, Executive Director and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Lieven Bertels, Director, the Momentary