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#CBfromHome Activity: Fairy Homes and Mud Painting

Summer is coming! And with that comes the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the warm weather and blooming nature. This week’s #CBfromHome activities encourage you to discover art within the beauty of nature by going outdoors and getting creative. Learn how to create a fairy home and how to do mud painting, then go outside and try it for yourself!


Activity: Create a Fairy Home

Think about all of the fairies that might need new homes right now! Help design a special house for one of these unique creatures! 


  • Nature materials such as leaves, grass, twigs, flowers, dirt, wood pieces, rocks, moss, and pinecones. Anything you can find outside will work!
  • Non-nature materials such as twine, string,  rubber bands, burlap, or other material



Step 1: Think about the fairy you’re going to design a home for! What do you think this fairy likes? Not like? What would they want to see in their home? 

Step 2: Gather and collect some nature materials! Use the string, twine, or rubber bands to help hold pieces together. Finish decorating by using the other materials you have. 


Here are some examples of fairy homes other people have made! Notice how some homes had an entryway or a pool? Some houses even had flower walls. Be creative as you design these homes! 



















Activity: Make a Mud Painting

Want to get messy? This project is just for you! Paint with mud or soil using only a few materials found at home! 


  • Mud or soil 
  • Bowl or cup
  • Mixing utensil
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes or your hands
  • Paper or the sidewalk



Step 1: Place some mud or soil into a cup or bowl. 

Step 2: Add some water into your mud. Make sure to add enough water to make the mud become goopy when mixed. Mix! Mix! Mix, until you’re satisfied with its consistency. 

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Use your hands (or a paintbrush) to create your masterpiece! Paint on the sidewalk or on a piece of paper! 


Here are some examples of unique mud paintings!


Have fun!


Written by Dani Smith and Kim Ly, art instructors, Crystal Bridges.


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