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Birds, Part III: Birds of a Feather... in the Crystal Bridges Library

There are so many bird illustration publications that I’ll first list, along with a few images, those works which, along with Wilson and Audubon, made significant contributions to ornithology illustration:

  • A Natural History of Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects, 1828, by John Bigland. 12 hand-colored engraved plates;
  • Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America. Intended to Contain Descriptions and Figures of all North American Birds not Given by Former American Authors, and a General Synopsis of North American Ornithology, 1853-56, by John Cassin. Fifty hand-colored lithographs;
  • The New and Heretofore Unfigured  Species of the Birds of North America, 1865, by Daniel Giraud Elliot. life-size hand-colored lithographs of species not illustrated in Alexander Wilson or John James Audubon;
  • A History of North American Birds, 1987, by Spencer F. Baird, et al. 100 chromolithographic plates;
  • Beautiful and Curious Birds of the World, 1880-83, by Charles Barney  Cory. Twenty lithographed plates and only 200 copies, this book is very rare.