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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Announces the Debut of Art for a New Understanding: Native Voices, 1950s to Now; Free Admission
October 4, 2018
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October 23, 2018
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#ArtistatCB: Athena LaTocha

At Crystal Bridges, we’re committed to exploring the unfolding story of America. Through the 2014 State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now exhibition, the museum introduced 102 artists who live and work in communities all over the US. We’re continuing that effort in 2018 through new installations and the upcoming exhibition Art for a New Understanding: Native Voices 1950s to Today, organized by Crystal Bridges.

#ArtistatCB provides a window into the lives and studios of artists, who help us connect to the issues of our time in thought-provoking and inspiring ways.

Athena LaTocha

Resides in: Brooklyn, New York

Artwork at Crystal Bridges:

Ozark (Shelter in Place), 2018, ink and earth on paper, lead, 10’ x 24’ x 12’

About the Artist & Work:

For Art for a New Understanding: Native Voices, 1950s to Now, artist Athena LaTocha visited Northwest Arkansas and Pea Ridge National Military Park. The result of this visit is a work specific to the region, both the lush topography of the Ozarks as well as what the land has seen over time.

The entire cultural history of the land impacts LaTocha’s work– in this case, the Trail of Tears and the Civil War. During her visit, certain elements of the Arkansas landscape lingered: burnt trees, the smell of wet earth, sun on the rocks, and the erosion and striation of rock features. LaTocha connected the burnt wood and bluff overhangs with the experience of war and trauma in the land’s past.

LaTocha in Pea Ridge, Arkansas creating “Ozark (Shelter in Place).”


LaTocha will be at the museum this Saturday, October 6, for Discover the Grounds and an Adult Workshop!

Discover the Grounds
Saturday, October 6, 10 to 11 am
Join the artist for an outdoor discussion on the local Ozark terrain.

Adult Workshop » Painting Nature
Saturday, October 6, 1 to 5 pm
Choose natural materials to add to a large abstract work of art, creating marks that are both intentional and tell a story.

Art for a New Understanding is on view October 6-January 7.  The exhibition features over 80 artworks from the 1950s to today, including paintings, photography, video, sculptures, performance art, and more, all created by Indigenous US and Canadian artists. Spend some time with artworks by an artist who creates social critiques through basket weaving, three sisters who challenge heavy topics with humor and heart, an artist who created a large-scale mural based on her Northwest Arkansas environmental experience, plus many more. See a full list of featured exhibition artists who will visit the museum throughout the exhibition!

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