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A Performance of Remembrance for the Victims of Asian Hate Crimes

Ensemble HanSori
Ensemble HanSori

In partnership with Ensemble HanSori, the University of Arkansas’s Asian Pacific Americans Resource Group, Crystal Bridges, and the Momentary, this recorded performance of “Umma-ya Nuna-Ya,” (Dear Mother, Dear Sister) depicts a poignant longing for a better life. This poem by Sowol Kim was later turned into a popular song by composer Kwangsu Kim.

In response to the Atlanta shooting, victims of hate crimes this past year and beyond, this performance is dedicated to the women, mothers, sisters and daughters who came to a foreign land in pursuit of a better life.  The performance is followed by discussion on the violence against AAPI communities.


  • Moon-Sook Park, soprano
  • Er-Gene Kahng, violin
  • Hanna Waldo, violin
  • Dominic Na, cello
  • Hyun Kim, piano

About HanSori: Ensemble HanSori’s name was inspired by the idea of coming together and finding unity through sound.  It is Korean, where “Sori” means “sound” and “Han” embodies many different meanings such as good, righteous, significant, bright, complete, embracing, and prosperous, among others.  Together, HanSori aims to musically explore and express the values and hopes for a better life that come through mutual understanding, cooperation, support, and unity through shared empathy.

Enjoy the performance below, which took place at Crystal Bridges: