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3 Reasons to Become a Public Events Volunteer

Looking for a new volunteer opportunity? We may just have the perfect one for you. Outdoor music concerts and other big events are here for the summer season, and they are only made possible with the support of our Public Events volunteers.

Public Event volunteers assist with various educational programs offered at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. Typical duties include helping set up for events, wayfinding, greeting, assisting with refreshments, and assisting guests in a variety of activities.

Here are three reasons to become a Public Events volunteer:


 1. They usher and take tickets at live music concerts, films, lectures, and other events, then stay for the show.

 2. They engage our guests in fun art projects and get to be part of the magic we create at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. As volunteer Alan Meyer says, “the opportunities are varied and engaging from a simple greeting to helping a young artist realize their masterpiece. We enrich the experiences of the guests at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary, and in the process, we are enriched ourselves.”

 3. They receive opportunities to make art themselves at gatherings and events set up just for volunteers.

Shifts for Public Events volunteers are available throughout the year, weekdays and weekends.

Ready to take the next step? Fill out a volunteer application here to get started.