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Crystal Bridges Library is a non-circulating library. Art reference books and resources are available for use in the Museum Library only. Our catalog can be accessed from any computer via the Internet. Subscription resources and e-journals can only be accessed from the Library computers or via wireless Internet access while in the Museum. Computers are available for Library guests, as well as additional stations for laptop use. Please see guidelines for computer use.

Library Blog

  • The Crystal Bridges Library Giving Back: A View from the Museum Library - At last count, Crystal Bridges had an active volunteer corps of 681 dedicated, hard-working, and friendly individuals. This post by Library Guide Bob DeGarmo provides a volunteer’s-eye-view of what volunteers contribute to the function and culture of Crystal Bridges, as well as what they gain in knowledge, fellowship, and fun.  It’s also a great reminder to... Read more »
  • Bentonville Library close State of the Art Catalogs: Library Art and Architecture - State of the Art is an exhibition that reaches a wide group of individuals from all over the country, but especially for the Northwest Arkansas region.  The State of the Art Catalog is one of the ways in which individuals can take a piece of the exhibit back home.  What makes the catalog even more unique... Read more »
  • A view of the Tulip Tree Trail in early autumn. Insider Tips from the Call Center for Crystal Bridges First-Timers! - You’ve heard all the national buzz about Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and now you have decided that it is time to plan a trip to Northwest Arkansas to see just what all the buzz is about.  From the first reports about our new museum in the New York press to the recent coverage... Read more »


The Library welcomes all researchers and guests during the Museum’s public hours. Special Collections and Archives are available for private viewing by appointment only. Read helpful tips from our librarians on how to use the Library to research a work of art or artist.

Museum librarians are available for class instruction sessions and Library class tours are available for any higher education art or art history course. PLEASE SEE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS ART RESOURCES AND ART LIBGUIDES for specific course research.

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